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 United Reform Church

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21 February 2012 - "The Plot To Kidnap Lord Nuffield" by Geoff Rose.. .

The Cowley Local History Society


The Cowley Local History Society covers the parishes and villages of Church Cowley and Temple Cowley, which are now part of the city of Oxford, England.

The society holds monthly meetings during the winter months where guest speakers give talks, usually illustrated, on the local history of Oxfordshire and general British/English history.

On other pages of this site you will find information about the society's officers, a calendar of meetings, the production of the Mini-Minor, the history of Cowley, publications about Cowley, pictures of old Cowley and research interests.

The Brief History of Cowley has references to Lord Nuffield (William Morris), the Morris Motors and Pressed Steel factories associated with him.

There are also two pages of links to external sites; one devoted to history or local interest and a directory of links to a wide range of topics.

Membership is open to anyone.

Subscriptions -

  • Ordinary Members - 15.00
  • Senior Citizens - 13.00
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